Wednesday, January 25, 2006

roads and roadway construction

-96 / 36th Street Interchange
I-96, Kent County - What are we doing?The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is investing approximately $30 million to construct a new interchange on I-96 at 36th Street in Kent County. The project also includes the reconstruction of 2.1 miles of I-96, drainage improvements and detention basins, retaining walls, wetlands, traffic signals, signing, and pavement markings.
Benefits:The construction of this interchange will serve motorists for many years to come. The construction of this interchange will improve access to the airport and help alleviate traffic and congestion on other state and local roads.
Time span:April 2005 to October 2006(MDOT)

I commute form Westland to Wayne State. The one of things that bothers me is that when there is construction it takes a long time for it to get over with because of such a long span time. The other thing is when there is construction, the detours even take longer to get at where you want to go. Especially with the gas prices right now, i mean you want to get the easier way and not wait in the traffic.
The other thing is about those potholes in the roads. Those are really annoying. I mean you can get a flat tire if there is something in those holes.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

houselessness and Homelessness

What do you call a home and what do you call a house?
I was reading this one story by Jim Burklo: Houselessness and Homelessness. This is really a great little story. I never realized that i took my home and my house for granted. What does a home and a house mean to you..
Well after reading this article... a house is hotels, airport shuttles, jet aircraft and so on..
A home is sleeping under the traps and plastic bags in the creek beds...
I guess when the author wrote this story he really poured his heart out there.
A home is where your heart, soul and your body is. A house is where shelter and food is. People who have homes don't have houses... and...people who have houses don't have homes.
Oh yeah, if you really think that you know the streets that you go on everyday.. you are soo wrong. You can't know the streets if you don't the people living on it (street people). Right?

Free coffee

Heyyyy, There is FREE COFFEE at starbucks .........on Wayne State Campus.......
I guess today is National Coffee day or something. IF you are sleepy, well, you know where to go.......

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

funky ads

what it is saying--message
how it goes about saying it--method
why it is delivered to you in a particular way--medium
i was looking at this ad about the common things that people do and use everyday. like for instance 50 percent of people wear torn socks. This ad was just portrayed as a person wearing torn up socks. And thats the message becasue it also say, on top of it, 50/100. so that means that 50 percent of people wear torn up socks everyday. and i think that is the method of showing the ad. i think its delievered in this way so that people can actually understand becuase they have seen it and have done it many times.