Friday, February 24, 2006

Best Spring Break Hangouts

Midterms getting you down? The pressures of classes, activities and the looming real world driving you mad? For many, spring break is the solution to these problems. Swarms of college-aged kids descend on areas ranging from Florida to the Caribbean in search of sun, beach and a sea of peers ready to get their groove on all night long. For those looking for that kind of experience, options abound — complete with booze cruises, dance contests and absurd beach games. But there is also plenty of fun for those not longing for six nights of debauchery. So whether you're a spring break virgin or a returning champion, read on for the hottest spring break spots.
The top ten picks for spring Break spots are:
1. Panama City, FL
2. Cancun, Mexico
3. South Padre Island, texas
4. Jamaica
5. Lake Havasu, Arizona
6. Mazatian, Mexico
7. Daytona Beach, Florida
8. Key West, Florida
9. Rosarito Beach/ Ensenada, Mexico
10. The Bahamas
Work Cited: Article written by Jennifer Plum


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