Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another Silver Lining for Cohen: Michelle Kwan was not in the olympics this year due to an injury. so in place of her, 21 year old, a two-time world and four-time US runner-up, Cohen claimed the national title this year. Although she could have won the gold metal if she had'nt fell on her opening triple and struggled in her second.
" It's bittersweet," Cohen said. "I tried hard. I have no regrets."I definitely didn't think I was going to get any medal when I finished. So it was a nice surprise.""Of course I was disappointed and in shock. But you've got to take what life gives you."No, I didn't cry. I don't usually cry unless I'm angry. I'm not angry, it's more of a letdown."It's one night, four minutes and a piece of metal. It's more about the journey over the four years, it's not a one-night journey."


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